“I am passionate about the restorative journey and wish to share the wisdom of the Earth with you. Medicine Kid is an herbal supplement that assists the body in strengthening and boosting immunity* – and kids love the taste! Our ingredients are a simple combination of three herbs: Alfalfa Leaf, Echinacea Angustifolia Root and Elder Flower. The non-GMO kosher vegetable glycerine and deionized water base, combined with these herbs, creates a delicious and irresistible formula, sweet like honey!”

~ Jada Tam ~
Creator of Medicine Kid

Medicine Kid Immunity Boosting Recipe
Medicine Kid Herbal Supplement

What is Medicine Kid?

Medicine Kid is an herbal immune support supplement that kids and families love! It’s a liquid extract made from organic herbs and vegetable glycerine with deionized water, taken orally. Vegetable glycerine is a natural food substance, non toxic and serves as a natural preservative.

Why Medicine Kid?

Every native culture relied on their Medicine Man or Woman for guidance and wisdom to seek out herbal solutions in their natural environment. Medicine Kid brings the same honest goodness of plants to you today and encourages our children to turn to nature first.

When Do You Use Medicine Kid?

Take Medicine Kid anytime you feel you need a natural solution to boost your immunity. When you feel run down or sense sniffles coming on with your children, Medicine Kid is the healthy preventative alternative to foster natural health and loving goodness for you and your family.


She is the co-founder and owner of Barefoot Sanctuary in Las Vegas, Nevada, published author, and accomplished artist. While completing herbalogy schooling, Jada healed her own life threatening illness with plant medicine and developed a desire to share what she learned. Her studies in natural healing, plant medicine and indigenous culture have brought her to Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Africa, Indonesia and Peru where she learned ancient wisdoms and the healing powers of Mother Earth. Jada has also been teaching the healing essence of yoga for 16 years and believes that creative movement is one of the essential components of medicinal healing.


This product works… one evening my son had a fever, I didn’t want any over the counter medicine so I gave him Medicine Kid. By morning his fever was gone and spirit higher. It’s the first thing that I grab when my family begins to feel even the slightest bit under the weather!


Dale F. – Mother

Medicine Kid is a beautifully crafted tincture that is always in our home.  It is part of our journey towards healthy happy living. Offering us a strong immune system that is asked for by name, Medicine Kid, is a perfect balance of plant science and love.


Leslie V. – Mother

My kids and I love the taste and prefer this herbal supplement more than over the counter options. Herbs before prescriptions! Being open to take it has made a difference on the length of time a cold persists. No side effects and we feel better!


Stephanie S. – Mother of Twins