3 Awesome, Healthy Snacks for Kids

Mango Flower, Sweet Banana, Grape Leaves and Seaweed! Sounds like a line out of a Dr. Suess book, but these are fantastic snack ideas for you and your child!

1. Lets Start With the Mango Flower

I call it this because more of the fun for our child comes from watching me prepare it. I take the whole mango fruit and divide the parts into what ends up looking like a flower. Well maybe not clearly a flower, but to us yes! We have fun with it. Try cutting two wedges of the ripe mango leaving the big pit in the center. You then hold one of the mango wedges in your palm, bright yellow fruit facing up. With a relatively sharp knife draw the grid for a tick tack toe game. Now you will have 9 small squares defined in the fruit. Carefully turn the mango skin inside out and you have your mango flower! Find a fun plate to serve your flower and add a dash of cinnamon, drizzle a bit of that good quality honey or eat it as as is. I often like a bit of crushed black pepper on mine! We usually clean that mango skin good, eating up every thread and pulp of the fruit. Who doesn’t love mango?

2. Sweet Banana!

Our family is just not big on artificial food. I understand how conveniency defines our culture today and we live a life on the go but at some point we need to sit and stop. We need to rest and nourish and make fresh fruit choices as often as we can. Lets get to real thing! Eating the rainbow or eating the colors of the rainbow (naturally) is essential to fuel our body with the necessary vitamins and minerals our body craves and needs. The multiple layers of plastic wrapping we rip through to get to the real food is pretty much become insane. All that aside, lets look at accessing a sweet treat without the use of plastics.

Hopefully you have a few bananas in your kitchen and these extra ingredients to make what we call the Sweet Banana.


  • Bananas
  • Quality Honey
  • Cacao chips (pure dark chocolate chips)
  • Powdered Cinnamon (nutmeg, cardamon optional)

Simply slice up a banana or two (one banana per child) onto a large plate. Position the banana slices flat down in a circle so you can see the seeds inside. Next drizzle your honey over the entire plate like a fancy culinary chef would! Make an art of it. This helps when you have a good easy to squeeze dispenser. Sprinkle the cinnamon powder over top, easy on your hand. Try adding a pinch of nutmeg cardamon, or pumpkin spice if you like! Then place a wonderful little cacao nib of chocolate inside each banana. Serve the plate to your child like you are offering a treasure filled dish. Kids get excited when we are excited. Just the way they get frustrated when we do.

Enjoy a bite of your masterpiece! Best served with a warm Indian chai tea for mom or a chamomile tea for little one. Have fun with it and try adding a drop of peanut, almond or sun butter to your next Sweet Banana! Who need a sundae when we can make this tasty work of edible art?

3. Grape Leaves and Seaweed!

Ok moms… adrenal fatigue. Heard of it, have it or wondering how to bring your body back in check? What about a thyroid imbalance? What we struggle with we can genetically and conditionally hand down to our kiddos since we will be their primary food providers for a big part of their life if not always!

Lets make healthy conscious choices for our own snack habits and share with the little one. We need to live the example, be the change, demonstrate what is the best path. The earlier we do this the better but never give up trying! I have found that this snack is so tasty and supportive for my body having celiac disease and previously adrenal fatigue. The combination of an organic sea salted seaweed square wrapped around a grape leaf (dolmas they are called in most middle eastern restaurants) I find blissfully delicious and nourishing. Perhaps that is because my body needs the iodine, minerals and antioxidants that come from these essential plants. Now this may sound like a fancy snack but I find both a can of dolmas and a package of seaweed for $5 at a local trader joes. Fancy that!

Don’t think your kids will like seaweed? Try it! You might be as surprised as myself when your little cookie monster has eaten up the whole batch! Messy yes, so try this one in the park or outside if you wish.

More to come, Let have fun! Explore the life of a Medicine Kid with us. Lets turn to nature first. We are the building blocks of community. Lets do this. There are endless joys that await!



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