Medicine Kid Herbal Supplement



“Medicine Kid is a wonderful tasting herbal formula intended to boost immunity. After a 20 year journey of studying indigenous culture, yoga and natural healing, I was inspired to explore plant medicine for personal health and spiritual reasons. The inspiration that created our family formula has come from developing a healthy lifestyle for my child and the families of today.”

“It may feel like a lost art of natural healing, feeling deeply connected to the Earth to partner with her gifts. This return to natural healing requires us to go back to the ancient ways medicine was cultivated and cherished. Mother Nature can provide the strength, vitality and nourishment we need. Celebrating Earth’s natural, pure and powerful wisdom is key.”

– Creator of Medicine Kid –

A Healer Lives Within
Let’s Awaken This…

Cultures throughout time relied on the the Medicine Man or Woman for natural remedies found available in nature. The harmony and respect for the Earth and all of her gifts were valued, embodied and embraced for deep healing and optimal radiant health. Children today, like ourselves, are all ancestors of the original Medicine Man or Woman.



Medicine Kid is an herbal supplement that inspires a progressive lifestyle around nutrition through nature. My precious son and I first hand crafted our family formula in our kitchen several years ago to support our overall health. Immune support is vital today and Medicine Kid is an easy and delicious way to support the body in doing its greatest job, restoration and healing. Our formula is unique because children love the taste and they can take it with mom, dad, brother, sister – and even the dog! Yes our 11-year old pup is also taking Medicine Kid to assist with gingivitis and inflammation. Making Earthly medicine brings me closest to my connection to the Earth. This is a gift we all deserve to experience, feel and trust.

Medicine Kid


Medicine Kid is a movement I feel called to explore. With the struggles we face from environmental toxins and stress, it’s essential for me, as a mother and herbalist, to be the spark of awareness to greater self-healing and inner strength for my community. I can clearly see how our 5-year old son pulls through every cold, allergy, flu and winter season with our herbal supplement and quality nutrition. As we received more and more positive feedback from friends and family taking our herbal concoction, we decided to make Medicine Kid available to support the community and beyond. We are all more connected to the Earth than we know; we share a symbiotic relationship with her. The planet’s health is our health and our health is our planet’s health.

Medicine Kid


As we advance rapidly with technology of all kinds we can only hope that children never forget how to play in the dirt! We go further in my own earthly play – my child sees me make mud pies and run barefoot. Together our family thrives in nature. We hike, climb rocks, wildcraft native herbs, bury our feet in the sand and get down and dirty! We practice yoga outside and have divine picnics and bring our own ceramic cups and plates to become more resource aware. Discoveries are made when we inhale deeply, get good and soiled with some of the best nutrients and minerals found right in the ground. Using our intuition in nature and celebrating Earth’s natural, pure and powerful wisdom will strengthens our connection with our first mother.

Medicine Kid
Mother knows best…

When my energetic toddler runs to me with muddy little paws and needs them cleaned, he shows me his hands and a simple look in the eyes says it all. Only mother knows what to do with that! Just like the Earth does. She cleans us and heals us. Let’s reciprocate. May the Spirit and Love for nature live on and the Medicine Kid thrive in us all.