Awaken Your Medicine Maker

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Awaken Your Medicine Maker.

Creating herbal salves & medicine pouches for healing, inspiration and spirit infused fun.

by Jada Tam

Last month’s wildcrafting hike gifted us with a rich bundle of desert medicine. As Earth Day festivities simmer down, the divine time to connect, create and play with Earth Mother are not yet over. For the sake of creative exploration my son and I made some medicine pouches of herbal goodness we stuffed in muslin sachels and created a new snug lovey for night time. We also poured our new wildcrafted desert salve into sweet earthly pods, recycled tins and jars. A new batch is brewing so if you desire some of our home brew, reach out to let me know.  The first batch has gone like the wind.

What is a salve?

A salve is an ointment used to promote healing of the skin or provide protection, soothing and more. Add your favorite plant allies to the mix and create herbal adoration for your skin. Awaken that medicine maker!


Our new desert herbal blend has been made with hand gathered wild sage brush, juniper, brighams, creosote and a good crush of heavenly scented dried lavender (not native to our desert). We just applied this healing aromatic salve as an herbal vapor rub on our chest last night to help expectorate and soothe the start of a dry cough. I also love this salve for dried cracked skin, burns, boo boos and to paint my face with it. The scent of the wild desert rain, coconut and lavender stirs up a passion within me that ignites the fire.

Want the Recipe?

Here you are! Go on, get savvy…


1. Dry all fresh wildcrafted herbs

Dry your collected herbs in a cardboard box or hang a bundle upside down in a dark place for two weeks. When the herbs are dry and you can smell their aromatic wildness, they are ready for crushing.  Use a mort and pestle, bare hands or blender and gather your ground or broken herbal bits into a medium – large crock pot. Turn it on to a low setting.

2. Add your oils

This last herbal batch I combined a few oils to blend together such as coconut, grape seed and olive oil. I combine 5 cups of mixed oil with 3 cups of dried loose herb, not a fine powder. Note: You can give the same recipe to 10 people and get 10 different dishes. Find your way and play with the herbs that call to you and the oils your most prefer. Make the salve for Your body. Creation comes in varying kinds of measurements and quantities. Give or take a little here and there. Connect with your herbs and feel it through.

3. Stir with a wooden spoon

Stir your oil and herbs that will begin to warm up and become hot several times a day and cook your brew up for 3-11 days on a low or warm setting.  You can always explore a shorter timeline.  The length of time your brew cooks up the more the herbs soften, release their medicine and the oil matures. You may need to turn your crock pot off at night as it can burn and spoil your kitchen witch efforts. Been there.

4. Drain your oil and compost the leftover herbs

Use a strainer or muslin cloth or large muslin cloth sachel to drain or seperate the dried herbs from the infused oil, essentially dividing the oil from the herbs completely. You will want to return the herb infused oil back to your crock pot after eliminating the herbs.

5. Add Beeswax

 Add 4 oz. of beeswax to your oil that has returned to the crock pot. Kick it up to the high setting as beeswax will melt only under significant heat as it is extremely dense. This will take a while so let the wax melt by keeping the crock pot lid on for about 30-40 minutes.

6. Be Prepared…

Prepare your containers ahead of time so they are clean, dry and you have them set up so that you can move quickly as the salve will set sooner than you may expect. Steady hand, deep breath.  This is the trickiest step of the process. I think there are still salve remnants inside my kitchen drawers from my first pour. Be very careful as the salve is extremely hot when it is ready to be poured.

 7. Get ready to pour! 

Once the oil and beeswax have integrated into a new medium or consistency which is a viscous thick liquid, it’s time to capture your medicine and pour.

8. Cool it down

Let your salve sit in room temperature for at least an hour to solidify and form. Return to your earthly treasures when they are completely cool. Apply your divine medicine to hands feet, hearts and everywhere in need. Gratitude and love.
If the process sounds far too messy and involved, simply message me and I can offer you up some home brewed salve for sale.
Our Herb Kitchen is always in flow and fire. Special medicine requests are often taken.  Reach out and I’ll stir the pot for you! Stay tuned for more Medicine Kid creations and adventures later this year such as Medicine Kid Radio, Online Medicine Making Course, and another possible Wildcrafting Hike this fall.  There are many intricate and essentials steps involved in making medicine.  It’s truly more than just a recipe. Each plant and component has a heart, a soul and a story, as do you.
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Kitchen Witch Blessings,

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