Benefits of Alfalfa! An Herb to Add to Your Home Apothecary

Let’s Talk Alfalfa!

Alfalfa is an Alterative. Alterative refers to an herb that gradually converts the unhealthy conditions of an organ to a healthy one. An alterative is cleansing and stimulates the efficient removal of waste.

  • Alfalfa is an Anodyne, meaning it reduces pain naturally.
  • Alfalfa is a Tonic which restores, nourishes and supports the entire body; a substance that exerts a gentle strengthening effect on the body .
  • Alfalfa is a Diuretic, promoting the production and secretion of urine.
  • Alfalfa is a Depurative. This means it can cleanse or purify the blood by promoting eliminative functions.
  • Alfalfa is an Anti­rheumatic, an agent that reduces, prevents and relieves rheumatism.
  • Alfalfa is a Nutritive, which pertains to the process of eliminating food. Alfalfa is nourishing.
  • Alfalfa is an Antipyretic, which is an agent that reduces fever.

Alfalfa Roots are deep and powerful have been known to come traveling through the tops of coal miner’s tunnels. Because the roots of Alfalfa run so deep, it draws up nutrient rich traces in the soil, making Alfalfa supremely rich in vitamins and minerals. Alfalfa is exceptionally high in calcium and a great source of vitamin E. It’s no wonder that farm animals, horses and even my 11 year old dog crave and thrive with this remarkable plant food. Seeing as farm animals are rarely fed natural grasses with the rise of biotechnologies, it seems necessary to embrace Alfalfa in our daily lives.

This life giving legume is rich in vitamin C, K, A and the highest chlorophyll bearing plant known to man! Alfalfa being so high in fiber, assists in the removal of intestinal waste from the body. Often recognized as the ‘Father of All Herbs’ Alfalfa is considered a panacea for almost anything. I chose Alfalfa a key ingredient in our Medicine Kid formula because of its ability to treat illness, sustain well being and enhance immunity.

Additionally, Alfalfa contains 8 essential amino acids and digestive enzymes to support healthy digestion and the restoration of an athlete’s physical endurance and energy. Alfalfa is alkalizing and an excellent herb to tend to ailments of all kinds making it a must have in your home apothecary. Nightly, in our home we steep a large pot of loose Alfalfa leaf tea and sip up this nourishing green water both hot and cold. Our dog receives crushed Alfalfa garnished over his evening meal and cleans the plate spotless.

Alfalfa is medicinal and easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle. My son’s first word he read aloud was ‘Alfalfa’. I believe it is his favorite of the herb kingdom. He feels a strong connection to Alfalfa and his sweet intuition is our greatest asset in the kitchen.

If you haven’t tried our delicious herbal blend we call Medicine Kid yet, head over here to pick up a 4oz. bottle of our tasty immune support formula. Add sweet droplets under your tongue or to herbal teas when feeling run down or less than 100%.

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