Elephant Medicine

Elephant Medicine

by Jada Tam, Creator of Medicine Kid

Today’s article is dedicated to Compassion. After a gracious shuffle with our Ancient Animal Wisdom Oracle Deck, the spirit card presented is the Elephant. This intuitive creature encourages our compassionate connection to the world, one another and our own personal health and well being. Are you being kind to yourself and those you love? Have you been kind and compassionate in your daily actions today? Are you an elephant lover and would you like to take compassionate action to show your love? Elephant is the card of the day. Let me share why.


The other night my son asked me before I was heading out the door for an elephant awareness event, “mommy, how are you going to save the elephants”? I paused thoughtfully and replied, “I don’t know, but I am going to find out”. Driving to the event I reminisced on the days my son wouldn’t leave home without his small paper cut out elephant friend in his pocket. The elephant always made him feel safe and protected. Small beings are enamored by such ancient, tremendous creatures. This is a compassionate connection.

As I sat comfortably at the start of the event organized by Dazzle Africa, an organization devoted to wildlife education and preservation, the wonderful Miss Stacy James herself shared a series of films touching on the realities and truths around elephants as an endangered species. Tears streamed down my face as I realized that there are 35,000 elephants killed every year. There was once millions of these intelligent, sophisticated creatures roaming their native soil.

Ivory Free?

Thankfully, with the efforts of Dazzle Africa and You, our local community, Nevada may successfully become an ivory free state next year. When the rest of our world ceases the desire to buy, trade or gift ivory then we can really begin to slow down elephant extinction. Some interesting triggers that were sparked at the event in regards to consumption overall, led to a powerful discussion on how we consume as a human race. Now awareness is powerful, just as knowledge is power. When we seek to remedy anything at all, such as a broken heart, chronic illness or a broken heritage of connectedness, humanity or wildlife, we must ask ourselves what kind of a consumer have we become? Of course there is plenty work to do to seek out remedies for our planet and our own physical body healing. Often feats like these can feel large and intimidating, but consider this…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; Indeed, its the only thing that ever has.” ~ M. Mead

After a trip to the Motherland of Africa in 2012, I saw with my own eyes the majestic elephant thrive in the marshlands and the mighty mother matriarch powerfully protecting her young. I marveled at the stunning five ton creature pulling ripe mangos from the tree to share with her calf. I remember being lost in fascination and how my son’s passion for the elephant has led me to love this creature even more than before. Looking back at my notes taken on safari and in the villages of Zambia, I journaled…

We can look to Animal Kingdom to energetically align with the ways of primal law.
The primal essence of wildlife is untouched by cultural influences, traditions or ego. The behaviors of these earthly creatures are deeply interwoven with the pulse of the planet. They remain connected even when we fray from our intrinsic connection. What we as human beings pose as a change or threat to wildlife is the continuation or the extinction of this ancient wisdom… the true, primal symbology of life. With the absence of this foundation of inherent connection to our planet, we are surely a lost species.

My admiration for the primal world also led me to question, are we as a compassionate, divine feminine life force becoming endangered as well? Compelled to express these thoughts I wrote an article titled, Woman, An Endangered Species? that you may enjoy reading later.

What does elephant medicine mean to me?

A few wise words from Stacy James…
“Elephant medicine means honoring the largest land mammal that exists on our planet. It means recognizing that we are all dependent on each other and that our species cannot continue to harm the planet and its flora and fauna without harming itself. The elephant is a grim example that we as a society are out of balance, and out of harmony with not only the animals, but also with each other.

An elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory tusks. Ivory is more expensive than gold and still legal to sell in many countries around our globe as well as hunters being able to travel to Africa to kill elephants and bring back their tusks to the United States as “trophies”.

Elephants are being poached faster than they are procreating. They are intelligent, family oriented, and sensitive animals and we are killing them to use their tusks to make decorations for homes. It is time to use our own Elephant Medicine to be grounded in what is right, to take up large space in our lives to not only believe what is right, but to act on it with wisdom and conviction. We cannot lose this battle for the elephants and we must work diligently together as a community in the United States to put an end to it.”

Ready to Take Compassionate Action?

Click over here and Join The Herd to support the future of elephant wildlife and the ban of ivory. Visit Dazzle Africa and the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance. These links will provide you with more details on saving the elephants while gaining awareness and knowledge about wildlife preservation and how to get involved on a compassionate scale. Join the herd and create your own unique profile.  Be the change.herd

A big thank you to sister, Stacy James for her Compassionate Heart and Elephant Endeavors. My personal journey to Africa with Stacy opened a window of awareness that has inspired a path of plant medicine, animal medicine and primitive connection.

When you pick up a bottle of Medicine Kid, herbal immune support, message ‘Elephant’ in your order to send 25% of your purchase to Dazzle Africa for the continued efforts of Elephant preservation. Contact: Stacy@dazzleafrica.org to learn more about what you can do to stop the killing.

“Medicine Kid is a sweet spoonful of mother earth in your mouth! A powerful combination of herbs that protect and empower our bodies to be their most vibrant! I highly recommend Medicine Kid for everyone in the family. It’s not just for kids…”

Stacy Balance Act

Stacy J.Wildlife Activist, Author and Humanitarian

Blessings Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom & Our Sacred Connection To It All.

Love, Your Medicine Mama,


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