Medicine Kid FAQ


What Is Medicine Kid?

Medicine Kid is a sweet, herbal supplement that boosts your immune system that kids love the taste of! Our formula is a sweet liquid extract made to assist the body in strengthening and boosting immunity* and kids love the taste! Medicine Kid consists of three wonderful herbs: Alfalfa Leaf, Echinacea Angustifolia Root and Elder Flower. This special blend serves as a family friendly formula to take on the first sign of a cough, cold, or simply feeling run down to enhance and support the body in doing its best work, recovery under stress, environmental toxins, exhaustion and more. The non-GMO vegetable glycerin and purified water base combined with our herbs creates a delicious and irresistible formula, sweet like honey! Want to read more about the benefits of these herbs?  Read my blog on Alfalfa, Elder and Echinacea.

What is Medicine Kid as a lifestyle?

Medicine Kid helps kids and families come back to their roots with remedies from Mother Nature. Every indigenous culture from the beginning of time relied on their Medicine Man or Woman for guidance and wisdom to seek out herbal solutions in their natural environment. Medicine Kid brings the same honest goodness of plants to you today and encourages our children and ourselves to turn to nature first. Medicine Kid is not only a bottle but a way of life. A way of reconnecting with Earth Mother to carry forth, keep alive and share the wisdom of the Earth with our youth. When our immunity is weakened and the allergy epidemic is on the rise, it is essential to teach, inspire and call back the inherent wisdom of the Earth so our children can turn to something they know and trust. Medicine Kid is a movement of awareness and a restorative bridge, re-building the old world into the new. I believe there is a Medicine Kid in us all and my intention is that this inspiration awakens the healer within you as it has within us.

Why is Medicine Kid needed?

Take Medicine Kid when you’re feeling under the weather or need to boost your immune system. Medicine Kid is needed when we are feeling run down and our immune system weak. Our formula is created to assist your body in its natural recovery process and should be taken when needed rather than every day. Adults may take 3 full droppers 1-3 times a day. Children 1-5 years may take 1 full dropper 2-3 times a day. This formula can be increased as needed; the overall health, wellness and weight of the adult or child should be taken into consideration when choosing serving size.

How do you use Medicine Kid?

Medicine Kid is simple and fun to take. Our family and community use Medicine Kid by taking the formula into the mouth orally or by first transferring the liquid serving size to a spoon to avoid any bottle contamination. We store the bottle in a cool dry place. Within our family, we tend to take Medicine Kid when we find dark shaded circles under our eyes, feel the first sign of not feeling well, have a scratchy throat or sense we may be catching the new flu or virus that is circulating around school and such. In times like these, I often take a full dosage before bed, early morning and also midday if needed until my symptoms subside. By all means, we must first make healthy choices with our nutritional intake by consuming plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetable daily. Herbs are special resource plants and foods that are needed when our body is seeking additional support. It is important to develop a naturally colorful and vibrant variety of healthy, live foods and sensible eating regime first. We should turn to botanical medicine when we are feeling depleted with our available nutritional resources and embrace the life giving support plant medicines can bring there after.

Who is the Creator of Medicine Kid?

Jada Tam, Creator of Medicine Kid. Jada is a trusted natural healer, herbalist, yogi and mother. She is the co-founder and owner of Barefoot Sanctuary in Las Vegas, Nevada, published author, and accomplished artist. After completing herbalogy schooling, Jada healed her own life threatening illness with plant medicine and developed a desire to share what she learned. Her studies in natural healing, plant medicine and indigenous culture have brought her to Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Africa, Indonesia and Peru where she learned ancient wisdoms and the healing powers of Mother Nature.  She has become a devoted mother on a mission and passionate educator to empower families to live healthier and happier by using natural remedies.

Jada is also qualified and trained in the following:



  • Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • Theta Healing
  • Co creator and Illustrator of Ancient Animal Wisdom Oracle Deck, Animal Medicine


  • Bachelors of Science in Art Education from SUNY New Paltz, NY and JCU Queensland, Australia