Healing Tummy Aches Naturally

Making A Witches Brew!

The Witch Is In. Let’s get crafty and stir up some easy medicinal potions for you and your family.  There are endless possibilities when creating a tea infusion; a deeply steeped tea, dark and rich in plant healing nutrients and essence. Some of my favorite new tea blends are a lovely mixture of dried loose leaf herbs, roots and berries. When the reverence for making medicine is alive so is the potency and healing within your brew.

Below are three belly healing recipes for your home apothecary.

Belly Ease ~ Digestive Support

A perfect blend to nourish and heal an upset tummy. A family friendly brew…

1 tsp., Peppermint Leaf

1 tsp., Fennel Seed

1 tbsp., Marshmallow Leaf

1 tbsp., Slippery Elm Bark

*Combine all four dried and crushed herbs / seeds into a cloth sachel and set inside your large tea pot of boiled water. Close your lid and let steep for 30 minutes.  The longer you let your tea blend sit, the darker and richer your brew. Once cooled down a bit, though still quite warm, add a tsp. of quality organic or local honey and give it a loving stir. Trust fully in this Belly Warmer and drink at least 2- 3 cups each day to soothe and pacify a comprised intestinal lining. An excellent cure all for the belly in ache or need. Remember that anything warm and medicinal such as these brews will inspire peristalsis which will get the body to eliminate what is no longer needed.

Lavender Love Brew ~

A relaxant blend rich in antioxidants. Delicious & Inspires Love…

For a Large Tea Pot,

1 tbsp., dried English Lavendar

1 tbsp., dried yellow flowered Chamomile

1 tbsp. dried Lemon Balm Leaf

1 tsp., dried Licorice Root

1/2 cup frozen Wild Blueberries

3 Cassia Sticks

*Using a large saucepan on your stovetop, boil up one gallon of purified water. When your water comes to a boil, add your sachel of crushed and dried herbs to the pot and close your lid. Cook up on a low setting for 10 minutes and turn off your heat.  The longer your brew sits, the richer in medicine and in flavor. Add your frozen blueberries, which should be thawed out by now and one heaping tbsp. of quality organic or local honey. Take time with your stir.  Using a wooden spoon, breathe deep into your body and commune with the plant essence before you. Embrace a serene mind and welcome the love of this brew. Using a ladle, serve up into your favorite ceramic cups. Call in the heart of the plant to bring forth love.

Belly Warmer~ Flower Power

Sweet and Tart! A rich red blend to stimulate circulation & nourish the heart, blood & body

1 tbsp., Hibiscus Flower

1 tsp., Licorice Root

1tbsp., English Lavender

*Combine all three dried and crushed herbs into a cloth sachel or loose in your tea strainer inside your tea pot to make your medicine pouch of floral goodness. Pour your steamy hot water on top of this blend and keep the lid closed until the brew becomes a deep dark red. This could take 20 minutes. Add a few droplets of quality organic or local honey when it cools down a bit. Give it a swirl and trust in the magic of your stir.  Connect with the flowers and roots by stating, “I call upon you sweet flowers and roots to enrich and nourish my being and all whom enjoy you today. Gratitude and love for this divine elixir!” For fun you can serve up your brew in a lovely wine glass or chalice once slightly cool. A fantastic alternative for a glass of merlot.  I sometimes call this one The Herbal Merlot.

Once your medicinal brews cool down, transfer the leftover (if any) to a clean mason jar and add a few generous droplets of Medicine Kid, Herbal Immune Support to give a natural boost of energy and sweetness to your cold tea.  This is what I call a medicinal herbal mocktail. So wonderful!

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Bountiful Blessings to Your Belly & the Creative Flame to Heal & Inspire,


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