Healing With Herbs: I Am Iron Woman

When the student is ready the teacher arrives. These words have long been spoken and they hold much truth.

Working in camaraderie with the healing energies of the Earth through plant medicine and sacred intention, devotion and commitment have all been present and consciously available within my soul for quite some time now. I have been lured to Australia in 1999 to begin my shamanic studies of indigenous people and have been tuned into the primitive ways of healing since. When consciousness shifts change, so do we and our inner knowing takes on a new form as we are asked to simply go deeper in the direction or on the path that aligns us with our personal power, truth and soul purpose.

The Beginning

I grew up with iron deficiency anemia and learned about this deficiency at age seven when I was instructed to take the constipating over the counter iron tablets for recovery. Over the years my ferritin levels remained were fairy low and two years after birthing our son Satori, I had gone to see a Sangoma (zulu for shaman) for some spirit healing. I was guided through a bush camp guide I had met in Zambia to connect with Dr. David Cumes /Sangoma for some specific soul journey guidance that I was being called to look at after having experienced a deep communion with the Motherland, Africa in 2012.

Spirit assigns us to tasks and often paves the way. We don’t always get what we want but certainly get what we need. The signs were clear to embrace the medicinal healing potential of plant medicine. I learned about this message and clarity through an indigenous and shamanic bones reading with Cumes (who is now guest speaking at Barefoot Sanctuary in June 2014 by the way :). The ancestors message to me was clear that I am being called to go deeper on my spiritual path and consider the process of becoming shaman though must wait several years until our child is a bit older to allow myself to fully submerge into the initiation of shamanic way. I agreed completely with this spiritual forecasting and chose to follow the path of plant medicine more closely until then. I started with a few books on the subject that captivated my attention.

The dedicated reading and research lasted about a month until I found that life gets in the way as we know it. When we derail our vision or sight, we often fall off our white horse or lose focus with our higher purpose by muddling with middle world energy and exchanges. When we ignore the realities of divine purpose, the sacred signs that come need to be embraced or we continue to truck onwards the way we used to, the ways that sometimes expire or grow stale. This is when Spirit intervenes. In some cases and in mine, we are then shooken up with an alarming scare that demands us to wake up, listen and take action.

The Test

In November of 2013 my iron levels plummeted to below one on a ferritin blood lab reading. Hematologist, osteopath, and general practitioner all agreed that going on like this would be impossible for me, no iron no life. They told me that the only way I would likely recover with such an extreme deficiency like this is to have iron infusion treatments done immediately and that a series of them would be necessary. Normal ferritin levels run between 15-100 and an iron level of 14 cannot donate blood, anything below that is considered severely deficient. I was below 1 in my blood work, run multiple times. I asked isn’t there a way I can achieve a healthy iron level through implementing precise food, minerals and nutrition? No, was my answer. My reserves were so low in my body that I actually had no reserve. If I encountered another tragedy of blood loss of any kind it would be the end of the rope.

Perplexed, stunned and completely disenchanted I looked to my husband for support as I felt like I was holding on for dear life. He of course lovingly held my hand through approaching the first iron infusion that we scheduled. I was completely embarrassed, awestruck and felt so internally broken. I also felt that I was positioned in the wrong hands of care, considering this invasive route which would ultimately provide me with only a bandaid, not a cure of the root problem that I was unable to see at the time. Every western medical professional that was supporting my illness not my wellness insisted I follow through with these treatments. I trembled in mind fog knowing that my health had deteriorated to such an extreme deficiency so quickly that I nervously and hastily allowed the initial test dose to run through me as my first attempt to pull myself out of this black hole I was visiting.

There I was seated in a receiving room with chemotherapy patients, plugged up to an IV ready for the first drip. There is a chance that us humans can have an allergic response to the compound, though uncommon. A test dose is inserted through the IV first for a safety measure. Only 2 cc’s of iron dextran were pushed through me and it was an immediate drop to dark fires of hell. There I was drowning in internal fury, crimson red from face to heart with the feeling of two mammoth bear claws clenching my lungs, collapsing my ribcage and wringing my heart dry. The prana was gone and I was on my way out. Anaphylactic shock, allergic response like this can kill you in a matter of seconds without the right medical intervention. Luckily I was able to scream “TAKE IT OUT!!!” before my last breath and the next thing I knew there were multiple people moving quickly on top of me all in a panic as the compound was aspirated from my body and a strong dose of steroids and who knows what else were loaded in to keep me around.

The trembling, chattering jaw and complete loss for body anchor finally passed about an hour and half later. The dizziness continued for a while longer as tears rinsed from my eyes and the sensation of slipping through the floor came and went for a bit longer. The hematologist said to come back next week and we will try another compound.

Natural Herbal Remedies

That’s when I drove myself to the Herb Store the next day and desperately asked the girl behind the counter to show me how to make my own iron infusion through herbal roots, beginning my journey of healing with herbs. Yellow Dock became my dearest friend. After making my own Decotion and also gratefully embracing Comfrey Leaf, Nettles Tinctures, Rich Dandelion Infusions and more, I began to softly balance out. I simultaneously met with an integrative oncologist who truly believed in the power of healing through food and nutrition. We discussed my challenge and looked at my food and mineral intake daily and he had a hunch that I may have celiac disease. He was right. After blood work showed the results, I was asked to remove all forms of Gluten from my body, my diet, my lifestyle and continue with what I had been doing herbally and nutritionally to see where my iron levels would be in a few months.

I waited almost five months to run blood again although could have done so sooner. My blood work just returned to me last week indicating that my hematocrit, hemoglobin and iron binding capabilities are all perfectly normal now. My ferritin is currently at a level 16, no longer in deficiency zone! I have so much beautiful energy and continue to devotionally run the Earth through me every day. I feel such a sacred connection and harmony with Earth Mother that I wholeheartedly believe that we can heal with her through anything. It will take a deep desire to live, doing the work and trusting in the miracle.

It takes believing and it takes, Taking Action. It requires the energy of will power, fearing not the magic of our horns and the trust in what our underground soil has readily available for us. Just like the aborigines of Australia believed that all we every needed to know lived deep within the Earth. What lives inside her is our greatest vault of knowledge that we will ever know.

We must go there. We must listen and we can heal.

Ultimate Gratitude and devotion for you Goddess Earth. I pray your intrinsic integrity continues to pulse with rich healing power for all the little ones who have the honor of getting to know and love you as I have.

How can we ask the children to save you if we have not yet taught them or ourselves to love you yet? The time is now to wake up and listen. At least for me, the signs to study plant medicine have become so poignant and real. After pulling myself out out of this dark hole I am fully devoted and passionate in supporting my own and also your healing journey through herbs, plant medicine, sacred intention, yoga and camaraderie with Earth Power.

Because of you Sacred Earth… today, I am Iron Woman!

Thank You. I now walk by our manifestation door in the kitchen where I wrote “I am Iron Woman” back in November and Smile.

Gratitude and Peace,





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