Herbal Remedy for Stress, Stress Free Tea, Natural Stress Relief

Mother’s stress becomes the child’s stress. As with dad’s stress and all other environmental influences and toxic exposures we encounter on a daily basis.

Stress today has become a primary disease we are all facing and seeking to remedy. Stress can become all encompassing and change the entire dynamic of the home. Before even boiling up water to prepare a stress relief tea, I first adjust the tone of our home with music. We have a sundry of native american flute or quiet meditation based music that fills the space with a sense of inner calm.

Try this and then gently head to the kitchen.

After boiling up some water, scoop a heaping tablespoon of dried or fresh, if you have, chamomile (manzanilla) tea flowers into a glass wide mouth) mason jar. If you do not already have a stash in your cupboard I recommend ordering a batch of loose quality herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs online. They are a very reputable and long standing herb company that will send you a treasure filled box of the dried botanicals you order. Your herb batch can be shipped to your door in a matter of days. If you wish try this method a bit simpler, there is also a box of tea you can find in most grocery stores that my son and I love. It’s called Honey Chamomile by Celestial Seasonings. Let me share with you the easy recipe for our house favorite:

Honey Bear Tea!

We call it Honey Bear although its just a simple combination of 2 honey chamomile tea bags or a heaping spoonful of the loose chamomile flowers into the mason jar. Add 2 cinnamon (cassia) sticks to the jar as well. Give your boiled water a few moments to cool down and pour your hot water gradually into the mason jar as to protect the glass. Slow and steady, deep breath.

Next add a small teaspoon of quality honey to your chamomile tea and close it up with the lid. Too much honey will make it too sweet and at least my kiddo doesn’t like it that way. Let it sit for a few minutes then give it a swirl or stir. When your tea brew turns a golden yellow it is ready. This could take 10 minutes or longer. The longer it steeps the greater the medicinal effects.

Use a stainer net or cheesecloth to transfer your Honey Bear tea brew into a separate jar or your favorite tea cups and serve it up. Drink 2 warm cups to bring stress levels down.

Herbal Benefits:

Chamomile: Soothes the digestive tract, these daisy like flowers have been long treasured since the early days of eclectic physicians usage, ancient egypt and even noted beneficial in the tales of Peter Rabbit! Enjoy chamomile after meals to soothe occasional heart burn and support the digestion of your meal.

Cinnamon, Cassia: This natural antiseptic, can be used to support discomfort in the body and is a natural sedative that helps to calm the belly down and provide a sense of ease to your spirit.

Most of all, there is nothing like a warm cup of tea. Sit and gaze with your cup outside if you can. Listen to the wind play in the trees and allow your herbal remedy to pacify your entire being.

Plant (herbal) healing is powerful. Enjoy!




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