Home Remedies for Cold

Bath, Tea, Yams & Broth!

Not necessarily in that order but these are some of our first go to remedies in our home, next to our herbal immune support formula, Medicine Kid. Realistically, we can take herbs all day long but these special resource foods are not going to provide our body with the full potential it needs to grow, thrive and develop a healthy and strong foundation for overall health and resiliency.

Although medicinal herbs are used in mostly all of our meals at home such as thyme leaf, turmeric, garlic, ginger root, pink himalayan and black lava sea salt to name a few, there’s nothing quite like an organic baked yam, sweet or red skinned potato served warm with a slice of grass fed better, melting with all these supportive herbs crushed on top! Yum, it’s actually what I am eating right now and love the rich sense of grounding and satiation these hearty baked potatoes give me. Anytime we are trying to develop more strength we turn to the root foods, potatoes, beets, carrots to name a few. Eating colorfully while keeping the body warm is going to support a weak immune system and assist our body to burn off the toxic waste it needs to rid of in the process of recovery.

Additionally, starting up a medicinal soup with chopped fresh garlic ginger and coconut oil in your saucepan is the sure start to any healing broth! Add tumeric, thyme sea salts and crushed rosemary and it is already a success. Add a bit of braggs amino acids, water and dark leafy greens, freshly cut green onion and a pinch more of that mineral rich sea salt. For the full amazing recipe of my special Immunity Boosting Broth click here.

Now for the bath! Fill up the tub with warm clean water and add a few drops of essential oil. I love to use tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary to support the body in its healing and restoration. Just a few droplets will do, say 3-4 drops for a full tub. Close the bathroom door and let the room get warm and steamy. These essential oils are anti fungal and anti viral, helps with congestion, easing the respiratory track. A little bit goes a long way. Try to submerge completely in this medicinal aromatic water and rest. For fun I sometimes add a few rose petals, rose buds and pine cones into my sons bath. This keeps him engaged and playing with these precious touches of nature while his body hydrates and circulates in the healing waters.

Lastly, prepare yourself a pot of peppermint leaf tea. No honey needed, only if you prefer. Remember to keep your socks and scarf on to stay snug and warm.

Benefits of Peppermint Leaf:

Anti Bacterial, Stimulant, Sedative, Anodyne (pain relief), this age old herb has been used to treat fevers, increases oxygen supply to the blood, strengthen and tone the intestinal lining, support digestion, nausea and so much more!



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