Kids Mental Health! 3 Natural Remedies for Children in Crisis

If you are a parent questioning the root of the mental illness crisis our children are facing today, you are not alone. This daunting concern and imperative need to resolve, understand and take action on a true remedy is catching fire. Why?

I read through some of the mainstream articles on this topic and am surprised at how the two factors that play a tremendous role in our mental health condition are rarely addressed. Theses two factors that are governing our behavioral functions, mentally physically, emotionally and spiritually are: Nutrition and Technology.

Grateful we are for our doctors, yes. Are they all leaders in nutrition, natural healing or able to come to our home and turn the power down, prepare us dinner? No. Lets look at what we can do.

Now, I understand there are circumstances far beyond my knowing with the plethora of different symptomatic conditions that are being presented in our children today. Although, I feel as a natural healer, herbalist and mother that the answers do not necessarily have to always come from a clinical office, trial run of various prescriptions, medications or pure external support. To clarify, yes we need a community of resources to help pull us through challenges like these but I feel passionate about us as a community trying a few approaches that we may have or have not explored yet.

3 Remedies

Consider This:

1. Nature

Make it a point for your child to be outside in nature for at least 3 hours a day. If you accompany your child in this playful journey this does not mean to bring the phone or tablet out with you but instead leave it all behind and take a hike, bike ride or simply get barefoot in the dirt. You’d be surprised how much you enjoy it and your child too. There are actually minerals in the soil that support our micro biome, a system in our body that ties directly into our immune response and overall health. If your child has a nanny or is in a daycare, look for a caregiver or school that can expose your child to this earthly connection. My intuition asks me when I visit a school or park that has artificial grass, where is the dirt? Are we living inside a play dough diorama or are we real living beings that need real live soil? Perhaps we can find more sand boxes, mud pies, water play, story time under a tree, lunch time in the grass? We may not be farmers in our city living but it is essential to get good and soiled. This connects children to our planet. We need more connection, yes?

2. Screen Time

We are starting to hear the questionable and derogatory effects of this addiction more and more. Now, I totally support an educational movie or film minus the manipulative commercials that children become sponges to. The sense of constant inadequacy that a child feels when watching or seeing something they are not or something they don’t have, propels a real confusion, anger need for them to be bigger, better more. Yes, we want our children to thrive and grow, but is this the way we do it? Try switching out screen time for a task in the kitchen like pulling grapes off the vine to wash them, provide a bucket of warm water to wash the potatoes you need for dinner, or give your child a ball of red clay at the kitchen table to mash and form into whatever they want to create. Turn your phone on silent, light a candle and play soft meditation music. It is a sweet escape.

3. Nutrition

Quality nutrition does not come out of a plastic wrapping. This a big topic and there are a sundry of ways to modify, substitute or add to our daily nutritional intake. For starters, let work with the artificially colored and flavored juices. Even organic apple juice boxes. Studies in natural medicine show that a child who drinks sugar loaded store bought juice boxes, energy drinks or worse, soda, will fill up on the empty calories of the beverage. This dismisses the desire or hunger to appropriately crave or need a real nutritional meal. The lack of proper nutrition and warm, home cooked meals will inhibit and alter a child’s developmental process and growth. If food is our fuel let’s look at the quality of fuel we are using to run our engine.

I recommend getting in the groove with making daily pots of herbal tea, such as peppermint leaf (digestive), chamomile (relaxant), holy basil (adaptagen, protecting our immune system from environmental stress), alfalfa (vitamin and chlorophyll rich). These are just a few!

Add a few drops of quality honey to your pot and drink hot, warm or iced. It’s the best iced tea and sweet nourishment your child can receive in a beverage. Better yet, make the tea together. My son loves to mix up his own tea formulas. We have been sipping on alfalfa, hibiscus and lavender all week!

Seeing as we are all unique in our constitution and overall health make up, there is not one single remedy that applies to everyone. Should you be seeking a personal nutritional or natural healing consult, I’d be happy to schedule one with you or your family. Together we can look at the necessary components of whole body health and create a successful plan of action. Receive prescriptions through nature and pacify the power of your mind.

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Bright Blessings…

Love Your Medicine Mama,


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