Living Harmoniously #1 – Being At Home

by Jada Tam Creator of Medicine Kid

It’s a wild and wonderful world we share. We are all products of the environment we create. What if we co created a deeper sense of harmony? How might we embrace this sense of peace within our home and our life’s journey? Material delirium, sensory overload, energetic awakenings, the wars inside and out. There can be a lot going on. With agricultural changes and challenges on the rise, we are also asked to step into a heightened awareness around food, how we nourish and nurture the Earth while our own body. We must do this to feel resilient, connected, alive in joy. It is a two way street.

Surviving and living harmoniously has greatly peaked my interest as I have been exploring a healthy rhythm that works best for our family through the past traumas we have endured and cured. After healing various life threatening ailments in our family such as severe iron deficiency anemia, broken vertebrae and bones, we discovered that harmony and healing came through a few key forms of restoration. There are some intrinsically strong ways in which we can create more harmony that may inspire you to turn inward, reflect and strengthen within your core being and family. If peace and harmony can be created here first we can then look beyond our core and collaboratively build greater communities with this internal strength.

We embody the change we wish to see, so lets see how.

Harmony 1 Being At Home

Studying the nature of human kind in our fast paced world, I see that in order to keep up with the pace we often eat on the go, whirlwind around with more caffeine in our system than needed and we spend less time in the home where self nurture is intended to take place. After fully recovering from severe iron deficiency anemia through herbs and quality nutrition, I adapted to a new, more conscious eating lifestyle. When I discovered that my body was shutting down due to celiac disease, I was forced to be at home, cook and heal. This rerouting that spirit granted me offered a special insight into a new way of life. Our health  challenges are truly just health opportunities in disguise.

Being at home is a devoted art and expression of love. Spending quality time in the heart of the home, the kitchen can deeply feed the body and soul. I’ve grown excited and passionate about nourishing meals. This started by first giving myself full permission to simply be at home more and turn my attention towards the home as ultimate temple. In our home, to give you a few ideas, we surround ourselves with art and live plants, lots of room to stretch and play without the use of a television. This makes it the kind of place we all want to be. The magical energy we create at home comes from lighting candles, playing relaxing music, opening windows and doors, making and hanging art, indulging in library books, working with crystals, playing with essential oils, creating live music, burning sage, watering our small garden and taking moments in gratitude before eating each meal. We hang twinkling tree lights and colorful lanterns in the living space to create a cozy warm feel and often have the aromatic smell of a baked good, stew or herbal tea in brew filling up the home with a sense of warmth and belonging. We ask each other, “Where else could we go and find a meal like this, a love like this?”

I enjoy these words of Bhagavan Das,

“What brings us closest to creator is creating.” This is especially true when we consume and nourish ourselves with creative life force. Hand made love goes a long way.

If creating this kind of homeward bound energy is something you can only manifest just one or twice a week, it’s still very powerful and is a sure way to strengthen the harmonic bridge. Being at home allows us to lovingly unwind, restore and reflect. When you arrive at this peaceful place, make an effort to stay a while. Charge up your natural energy so you can move forth with a fully charged engine. Just the way we roll up our yoga mat and breathe inspiration back into the world.

Simple Thoughts…

1. Try cooking up a fire roasted chili and a pot of nettle leaf tea
2. Bake a batch or red skinned potatoes and enjoy a dandelion latte
3. Slow cook a pumpkin stew and prepare a cup of lemongrass tea with honey

If you haven’t tried our delicious herbal medicine yet, head over here to pick up a bottle of our tasty immune support formula. Add sweet droplets under your tongue or to herbal teas when feeling down.

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