Living Harmoniously #5 – Meditation

by Jada Tam Creator of Medicine Kid

Harmony 5 Meditation

Yoga and meditation govern my flow. These are energetic and also physical, mental, spiritual disciplines that assist in self alignment, energy and focus. To maintain a positive rhythm, I must engage in some kind of a practice once a week at bare minimum. The process of meditation, be it stillness in nature, an actual guided class, preparing a nourishing meal, painting, taking a peaceful drive through a canyon / forest or making time for a walk in quietude. These explorations with self and nature gives us the opportunity to be as truthful with ourselves.

In the meditation process, I soften and get rooted. This brings me to take a closer look at my waste and see what has been harmoniously composted, undigested or reoccuring, returning. The meditative practice allows me the time to invoke, visualize and cleanse my energetic body with a white light meditation and spiritual techniques that feel good to me. Like a cosmic river or pool of light I visualize and run energy through all my channels to heal, pacify and protect my spirit. We all have ways of doing this. Find what works for you and remain consistent with the process so a rhythm is established and a sort of peace ritual is formed. Gratitude is the attitude and will surely bring more light and love.


1. Be with a candle, gazing into the flame
2. Lie back and listen to the heart beat of a drum
3. Find an easy seated posture and embody the energy of a tree
4. Tune into your roots and branches, seeds and stars.
5. Connect


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