Living Harmoniously #3 – Sleep Cycle

by Jada Tam Creator of Medicine Kid

Harmony – 3 Sleep Cycle

Studies have proven that a shortage of sleep or an inconsistent sleep cycle can increase levels of inflammation in the body and leave us more susceptible to a weakened immune system, stress and disease. It is important we know that stress is a disease, a real disease, if not the primary disease we face today. If we deprive our body of restoration, we fall behind and our sense of vitality loses its luster. Other ailments tend to follow.

I realize that it is difficult to fall asleep and rise with the solar clock as the native Americans would once follow, although we can aim to fall asleep earlier and more restfully to encourage a deep sevennine hour sleep cycle. With the support of botanical sedatives, relaxants or hypnotic herbs that are nervines in nature, our body can gently guided into a peaceful sleep. A few plant allies to consider are Valerian Root, Chamomile, Kava Kava, lavender, holy basil or even occasional Melatonin. Just the art of making yourself a cup of tea alone will prepare you for restfulness. Try having a darkly steeped cup of herbal tea nightly after dinner.

It is also key to set the tone for night time. This is a process. In our home we dim lights, aim to get our bath time complete early enough so we can finish with a few books and listen to native flute medicine music or tell stories in the dark with our toddler until it is time to soon drift. It’s essential to eliminate sugar from the diet especially after 4p. Finding healthy alternatives to replace our vices and addictions can be done. It’s not about taking something away or out that we regularly crave without bringing something else in. Instead we must replace the void with something that fuels us, something nutritionally creative not destructive.

Some Helpful Substitutions to Consider:

  • Substituting red wine for a strong cup of warm hibiscus flower tea
  • Substituting caffeinated coffee for a dandelion root herbal coffee
  • Replacing processed sugar cravings with watermelon

If you haven’t tried our delicious herbal medicine yet, head over here to pick up a bottle of our tasty immune support formula. Add sweet droplets under your tongue or to herbal teas when feeling down.



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