Who Is Medicine Kid?

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Who Is Medicine Kid?

By Jada Tam, Creator of Medicine Kid

It’s amazing the kind of empathy you can inherit and feel for the Earth after having a child. It is almost as if the mother on some level or shred of knowing gets to endure and understand the sacrifice and the transformation the planet feels through the birth and demise of life cycles both painful and proud. At least that’s been my experience.

After bringing new life onto the planet I can relate, feel remorse and celebrate the Earth’s gifts, more than before.  I can only imagine the timeless journey the Earth has undergone and forged through countless tumultuous waves of change.  We too are a part of this transformation. All woven into one braid. The degradation of our natural world is the degradation of our own body and life experience here.

When I chose the name Medicine Kid for my brand I didn’t see at first that the expression I share through this creative medium would be a way to heal and nurture my own Inner Child.  We all have one.  My dear friend My Cherie recently reminded me that We Are All Medicine Kids.  Awakening this playful, joyous connection to nature and ourselves is essential for a healthy life. We need this. Thank you dear sister for the reminder and insight.

Having a long history as a fire performer and extroverted arian female through expressive arts and goddess circles I wondered if the name Medicine Kid would be able to embody all the aspects of love, light and sharing I intend to bring forth to the world. After giving it some time I realized that not only are we all Medicine Kids at heart but who will stand up for the creative awakening of the youthful generations if I don’t? This awareness that I share is for you, you inner child and also the children you look after, heal and inspire.


Scan back a bit.

How far back do you remember?  What memories have impacted you the most?  I remember the days I swelled with nausea from over exposure to television and manipulative commercials projected towards me at age seven. I would bring myself to my outside door step to breath deeply and gaze at the vast green lawn and feel better. As I became a teenager and young adult I found solace in weaving dreamcatchers, listening to the sound of drum and turned my focus to native american arts and culture. Long braids, fringed boots, beaded clothing.  My first college dormitory space was filled with posters and drawings of the wolf, my first animal totum. I even named my first car Pocohantas. At age six, I remember daydreaming about being schooled at home.

Although I am entirely grateful for my upbringing, I sometimes reflect back at the memories that stand out the most in my mind and wonder why they do.  Can you relate?


Nurturing the Inner Child

So here I go getting personal again.  Why do I do that? I feel that today there are so many layers of synthetic or calloused energy we build up, like invisible yet heavy cloaks that armor us down just to keep up and polished with our game that a certain kind of illusion is presented while lacking the raw truth. Some call it persona.  I call it armor. The kind of armor that when relinquished can open the vulnerability of the heart.  This is where truth and healing can found and perhaps the inner child.

Bringing the wisdom of Medicine Kid to the world reminds me of our birthright. As we evolve into a world that moves bigger better and faster, what are we to do with the primitive rhythm of the beating heart?  How often are we actually listening and connecting? I am in search of the Medicine People, Community, You.

The child is our looking glass. A wise man once said that it is our duty as a parent to give our child the experiences and opportunities that we may have missed out on.  Give them a chance to feel or learn what it is in our heart’s desire that beams true and fulfills the spirit of the child. This I felt was a righteous thought.

A Medicine Kid is one who seeks to thrive with the medicinal rhythm of the Earth. A human who feels drawn and able to turn to nature for real answers, willing to ask, heal and fortify.  Dismissing not the soul purpose of human kind for the contribution of material delirium or a loss of appreciation for all that is.  You hold a human heart that cares profoundly, which is why you are reading this now. Thank You for joining me on this journey.

A Medicine Kid ignites the old ways with the new, fusing the bridge. There are far too few healers and far too many ill. As the Medicine Kid community grows, I have some questions for you. I am gathering insight though a simple discovery call to learn more about you and your path. Would you be open to a simple interview that will let me learn more about you? As I aim to serve humanity in a better way, I would love to know your thoughts to a few sacred questions I have in mind.  Interested in connecting?

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The Medicine Kid in me can see and feel the Medicine Kid in you. Reach out for deeper love. Bright Blessings,


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