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Barefoot Medicine

In 1999 I fled to the Australian outback for several reasons; to study indigenous Aboriginal people, complete an art education degree with a concentration in clay and to fulfill my curiosities abut living barefoot. I remember back then, my young mind being so fascinated with the idea of primitive living. I wanted to see with my own eyes the calloused feet of a native who resiliently thrived on the dry earth, coming from a modern world of material delirium where walking in stilettos was only one mere example of earthly detachment. How did they thrive and survive with the bare soles of their feet meandering along?

Fortunately, I came to understand the nature of  Songlines. Indigenous people could navigate the land through the rhythm and sound of a songline or a dreaming track.  This was the animistic belief of Indigenous Australians and the way or path in which to cross the vast territories of the outback. A sort of sacred connection or internal mapping, they were able to feel their way through the paths or songlines that have been recorded through traditions of song, painting and dance over time. Like the rainbow serpent they meandered their way to untapped water, food or vaults of primal wisdom. The connection through the soles of their bare feet was essential. Aboriginal people regard all land as sacred and in order to keep the land “alive”, their songs must continue to be sung.

What Goes In Must Come Out

Observe your Child Play. Watch Yourself Engage. Doing Nothing Is Doing Something.

Recently at my son’s preschool I was able to see how the young child can exhibit a deep need to release the pent up energy and often the rage or aggression that gets absorbed from watching violent themed media or perhaps the need to burn off the overconsumption of sugar, artificial dyes and chemical constituents found in most processed foods today. What goes in must come out. Just the way you are impacted from last night’s movie or better yet an insightful documentary or emotionally evocative novel you just read. The content lingers.  It needs to be shared. However, when the content is cruel to our spirit, there comes a deep need to eliminate or cleanse that energy. It needs to go somewhere. This energy needs to be expressed. A healer once explained to me that he or she that is abused or experiences abuse, either emotionally or physically often become the abuser. This is the cycle of release for that energy to cathartically unfold, disperse, wash away. Although, if this energy is projected upon another, that energy becomes a ripple effect.

Ok, circle back to child play. More often than not a child will become eager, enamored and engaged in the idea of a good earthly dig. I often pull out small shovels and digging tools to help redirect this erratic behavior so the kids can begin to go deep. They often like to bury their feet, dig for earth treasures and explore the difference in temperatures in the sand as they go deeper into the layers they find. I have seen 11 children at one time begin the process of digging after guiding them to ‘dig their own hole’ we have found the process becomes contagious. This task lets the chid exert physical strength, similar to carrying a wheel barrow of wood or dirt and a primal healing or connection is taking place, a sort of reconnect. There’s no distractions when we dig and go deep. It’s a feat to anchor and feel our feet on the ground. It becomes worthy, noble and pure. Often times creations come from destruction too…


Witnessing the whirlwind of violent and big energetic expression from the kids inspires me find creative ways to redirect their flow.  Sometimes we paint our feelings with watercolors, massage red clay into sculptures and I play native flute music to give them a new sound in which to engage. Overwhelming energy needs to be plugged into something. A channel.

I remember the humbling yet profound stories of Earth wisdom shared through Aboriginal connection. The emphasis of the deep dark soil and the power it holds. Within the Earth lies an infinite vault of knowledge, wisdom and healing that a human can ever hope to find. In some Peruvian shamanic traditions, people, even children are buried in the soil for healing physical pain to serve as an Earth cast often mending broken bones and other ailments.

City slickers flee to the beaches out of desperation just to sink their feet into the warm sand and feel them self again. Aborigines believed that their vibrational communication could be heard and felt underground from one set of calloused feet to another, perhaps an ancestor or relative standing still 40 miles away. Like the way cellular activity travels through the web, there actually is a an ethereal web of connective lines, dendritic and expansive, something like the web of a spider.

We may not see these lines but they are surely there affecting us somehow, someway. The first people had a web of communication somewhat foreign to us today. These channels were integrated and created within the soil. There’s something purely magical about the under ground. If it weren’t for quartz crystals, we wouldn’t even be having this exchange online, as quartz is a key ingredient in the compositional makeup of a computer! Imagine that. Quartz crystals can be found in sacred earthly nooks.


Primordial connection is found again in the livelihood of the whale who has a way to reach its pod with the enchantment of song. A whale’s call can travel as far as 3000 km. These ancient and primal vibrations are recorded just as they are recorded within the akasha, akashic records. I feel a reverence for the underground. Earth first, our roots… our foundation. Look down, this is where we begin. A long time favorite quote of mine…

“For a trees branches to reach the heights of heaven, it’s roots need to touch hell.  ~ Alchemical Dictum

Feeling Uneasy?

Get your feet in the soil, feel the texture sharp or smooth of a sun or moon lite rock. Deep Breathe. Create a protective cave and bury your body in sand, in mud, in ash. If you don’t know what to do with your anxiety, get rooted… get barefoot.

The Earth element can transform this pain body. Similar to composting, transformation occurs.

Arte rupestre - Cueva de las Manos - Argentina

Barefoot and rooted on a rock…  This is the first medicine.  This is why we get Barefoot.

Additional Benefits of Being Barefoot:

Increase Your Proprioception, Stabilization & Balance.

Getting Barefoot develops a sense of trust and assurance in being grounded, being held.

The archway of our feet are mirrors to the archway of the spine. How we root and rise all comes from the ground up.

Getting barefoot is a medicinal way to plug in, reconnect and tap into the infinite supply of wisdom the greatest vault of energy known to man.

Come visit www.barefootsanctuary.com to get playful in our yoga temple or simply find your self sealing the link from skin to soil and get Barefoot all on your own.

Barefoot Blessings,


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