Living Harmoniously #4 – Forgiveness

by Jada Tam Creator of Medicine Kid

Harmony 4 Forgiveness

The ultimate key to healing is forgiveness. Many shamans, medicine men and women find this to be true. We often harbor trauma, sadness, suffering and emotional residue of past experiences within our body, muscle memory, energetic disposition and auric field.

To fill our cup with more love we often need to release what could be standing in the way or occupying that sacred space. Releasing and cleansing our congested, static, dormant energy is as necessary as ridding of our expired produce. Cleansing our emotional body is a real process and in essence, we let go when we are ready to.

One way I welcome this release to come over me is by listening to emotionally evocative music. I enjoy the opportunities I find to cry, even if I don’t know what I am crying about. This is an opportunity of cleansing and release. Don’t hold back tears, instead embrace the river of them. There is a cathartic wave of emotion that wants to purge like a tsunami. Let it. This is healing. As silly as it may sound I feel like when I have a student in my yoga class who has reached the point of tears within the practice, I know I have done my job. We are both fulfilled.


  • Burning white sage or sweetgrass in your home with a few doors and windows open.
  • Walk the space asking Spirit to guide you through cleansing and forgiveness.
  • See the smoke trails frolic out the doorways.
  • Take your time.
  • Trust in your words and feelings.
  • Embrace a moment in gratitude for the path and all it has taught you.

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