• My kids and I love the taste and prefer this herbal supplement more than over the counter options. Herbs before prescriptions! Being open to take it has made a difference on the length of time a cold persists. No side effects and we feel better!

    Stephanie S.
    Stephanie S.Mother of Twins
  • Medicine Kid is a sweet spoonful of mother earth in your mouth! A powerful combination of herbs that protect and empower our bodies to be their most vibrant! I highly recommend Medicine Kid for everyone in the family. It's not just for kids...

    Stacy J.
    Stacy J.Wildlife Activist, Author and Humanitarian
  • As a full time working mother of two, I need all the help I can get. In the past year we have been using Medicine Kid it has rescued us from many sniffles, head colds and sinus infections. First sign of any symptoms or known exposure we all start taking Medicine Kid three times a day until the illness passes. It either shortens the duration and severity or helps boost our immune system so much that we fight it before it even has a chance to start. Medicine Kid will forever be part of my tools to keeping myself and my children healthy and active. Thank you!!

    Karen H.
    Karen H.Mother of 2
  • Every home needs a bottle of this magical elixir! It has truly helped me to be healthier while strengthening my immune system. Take it at the first sign of fatigue or sickness, be consistent, and you will see and feel results! I'm so happy that I found this product and that I can trust it's maker. You can feel the love in every bottle! Thank you Jada!

    Gennieve Richardson
    Gennieve RichardsonYoga Instructor
  • Medicine Kid is truly a life saver! This herbal treasure keeps my immune system happy and healthy! I look forward to taking it frequently because the taste is absolutely delicious! It's definitely nature's candy! I feel so blessed to have this miracle plant medicine in my life! Since taking medicine kid, I've never suffered a sick day!

    Amanda G.
    Amanda G.Miss Nevada 2015
  • As an Esthetician in San Diego, I approach skincare, beauty and health regimens organically and locally. When I brought home a few bottles of Medicine Kid to share with my friends and clients in San Diego I knew I was on the track to sharing something truly amazing and healthy healing to our bodies.  This yummy liquid tincture of medicinal herbs tastes great, reminding me to take a daily dose when needed.  I enjoy sharing it at yoga practice, or when having a facial in my new spa. I always feel great going about my day when I've taken a few drops of Medicine Kid.  I receive compliments on my happy and kind persona, feel great energetically  as well as a high and protected immune system. I like to recommend a few drops of Medicine Kid to my clients who may be feeling less than 100%.  And I love the beautiful artwork of Owl on the bottles.  It's a joy to have it placed on my counter where I can enjoy it's beauty.

    Sara S.
    Sara S.Medicine Kid Spirit Team
  • Medicine Kid is a beautifully crafted tincture that is always in our home.  It is part of our journey towards healthy happy living. Offering us a strong immune system that is asked for by name, Medicine Kid, is a perfect balance of plant science and love.

    Leslie V.
    Leslie V.Mother
  • This product works... one evening my son had a fever, I didn't want any over the counter medicine so I gave him Medicine Kid. By morning his fever was gone and spirit higher. It's the first thing that I grab when my family begins to feel even the slightest bit under the weather!

    Dale F.
    Dale F.Mother
  • I have a very weak immune system, I was feeling very tired and weak. My hubby bought me Medicine Kid and instantly I got a burst of energy. Now, when anyone in the family feels a headache coming on or feeling under the weather, I put a few drops under their tongue (they always ask for more). We have more energy and a stronger immune system. What I love the most is that it’s all natural and it taste so sweet!

    Susana W.
    Susana W. Mother of 5
  • Medicine Kid has been a constant companion this year as my immunity booster! I travel frequently for work, this bottle is easy to pack and the delightfully sweet flavor is a treat to look forward to each day I need it. It also gives me tremendous joy knowing this tincture is composed of three all natural ingredients!

    Tami S.
    Tami S.