The Go To Natural Cough Remedy for Kids

Heal and Inspire! There is nothing quite like taking the power of healing into your own hands and trusting that your effort and love will remedy your kiddo when they are under the weather. Lets take it into the kitchen and get crafty!

One of my favorite natural cough remedies for kids, aside from our herbal supplement Medicine Kid, is super easy to prepare, enjoy and welcomes nourishment to soothe the inflammation we experience with any cold or cough.

The Honey Drop!

Everything we need is right inside the kitchen and if these items are not in yours, then jot the essential ingredients down so you are prepared for your next shopping spree. Transform your cubbard into your medicine cabinet, one herb and jar at a time.


Honey, Turmeric Powder, Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs with the Mother), Cayenne Pepper if it’s an older child or You!

It’s worth the extra few dollars to purchase a good quality honey. Now honey can range anywhere between $4 to $40 so this can get tricky but think and buy local. The native Americans say we need to connect with the herbs that grow wild, near and surrounding our doorstep or natural environment. What our body needs the most is what is surrounding us. The same goes with honey.

Honey by itself is just beautiful and coats the throat soothingly all on its own. Imagine a good quality honey mixed in a cup with half a lemon squeeze and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (braggs with the mother). Ok, maybe add more honey to keep your formula sweet and tolerable but try adding a dash of powdered turmeric and a pinch of ground thyme leaf to the mix and stir some more. Might be good to have a safe and natural throat lozenge handy so the little one can first swallow your home made Honey Drop (all contents mentioned mixed together evenly) and look forward to that organic lolly, sucker or ideally, a sweet organic orange slice afterwards.

Some kids will enjoy the taste of the Honey Drop while others may have a fit because of the pungent cider or the association to the distaste of medicine generally. Take it yourself first so your kiddo can see that its ok and you take your own medicine. You probably need it anyhow!



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