The Medicinal Rhythm of Give & Take

Striking a Balance with Key Energetic Principles in the Internal Home and Outside World.

by Jada Tam

As a devoted mother and passionate entrepreneur I am faced with the art of balance on a daily basis. Striking the balance between work force and life force has its various components and can be challenging to foster whole body health, nutrition and a peaceful mind. We strive for success not only in our external endeavors but first and foremost our internal home, the core of our family, the healthy beating heart and the ability to center and thrive with love and happiness as a family unit.


Are you a care taker, nurturer or mother like me that can relate to this struggle? Perhaps you too are a medicinal healer and can marvel and appreciate the delicate dance of giving and receiving.

After teaching and practicing yoga for 16 years, I was ready to go deeper with my studies and found natural health and healing through the work as an herbalist was my next calling. I had been faced with perhaps one of the worst cases of severe iron deficiency anemia back in 2012 and was informed by medical professions that I would never return to a viable state of health through food and nutrition alone. I trusted their advice and experienced full anaphylactic shock from synthetic iron compounds or what is commonly known as an ‘iron infusion’ that was fed to me through an IV under professional medical care.  More on that story here

It was the kind of scary experience that I wish upon no one however that bone trembling scare ended up being one of the best things that has happened to me.  When I fully depleted all my resources with western medical approaches, I was ultimately forced to seek an alternative means of recovery. Had the synthetic iron infusion worked I would have returned to the invasive process every three months for the rest of my life as sure bandaid yet never a cure.

Through quality nutrition and herbal remedies I successfully recovered from my disease and walked sure footed and strong again. I then turned my focus to the youth and younger generations as I was able to see the constant health struggle many toddlers and children face frequently at preschool and other places I’d visit with my child. I started to look more closely at overall immunity and what weakens or strengthens this. Health and resiliency is dependent on a sound immune response and the maintenance of our immunological system.

Labor of Love…

Last year, I developed a brand called Medicine Kid which started as a sweet herbal formula to boost immunity naturally.  My son and I first hand crafted this formula in our kitchen and now with the proper channels in place, our formula has become a popular herbal supplement that sells in various local health shops, studios and online internationally. Be sure to pick yours up here! Medicine Kid is herbal immune support that kids and families love! In addition to creating this herbal supplement, Medicine Kid has allowed me to express and share stories, articles and recipes on all things sacred. I am passionate about connecting on topics that share the true message in the bottle, which is a vast plethora of insights on natural health and healing. 

Healing can be achieved through multiple paths and there are several root causes of each disease. The root cause is what we want to explore and address.  To reignite our sense of connection we can start by working with our roots, both energetic and physical. There is an abundant supply of mineral rich roots found in the plant kingdom and in our soil.  Additionally, we will always need to identify our root cause of disease as bandaids can be expensive, exhausting and ultimately unable to provide long term solutions or true healing.

We are all unique individuals and often thrive with a specific plan of action or creative healing approach that can help to achieve such success. It is my passion to learn and raise my child as holistically as I can while also thriving in the work I do, sharing truth, wisdom and the message of connection. I am drawn to writing about this desire to create the bridge or better balance for humanity and hopefully you will join me on this journey. Just like the breath, we must find the even flow of inhale and exhale, which governs our ability to give and receive.

One of my favorite teachers who is also a pediatric MD, Dr. Aviva Romm,  will speak about children’s health through an analogy she uses called the canaries in the coal mine.  The old time miners used to enter their caves by first sending the canaries in.  If there was toxic overload the birds would be the first to alarm or send signals if the environment was dangerous and overly toxic.

Today, our children are like these canaries.  It’s as if our little ones are signaling to us, “hey mom, dad, someone… please have a look at me and help me remedy what is going on.”  Now we don’t always have the remedy or answer for our children first hand, however, we are all born with an inherent wisdom to instinctually respond to our child’s needs.  If our work force or outside world succeeds in distracting us enough, it can be difficult to see these warning signs. I too have been faced with some unfortunate traumas and tribulations in this way.  Pain is one of our greatest teachers and our ultimate teacher is our own body. When we connect deeply with our own body we are guided. Our body will give us clues on tending, nurturing, healing and taking action on what needs to be done, modified or released.

Children and all humanity today are facing what is being called an allergy epidemic. They are not alone in this. We as adults are facing the same struggles although may be stronger to push through or tolerate these challenges. I too have an auto immune disease called celiac, which is unfortunately becoming a more common thread diagnosis today. Read More on Gluten Intolerance Here

Raising a child and maintaining our own health and sanity today can feel like a three ring circus. A strong factor or root cause of this energetic challenge comes from the overestimation we as adults and children are faced with through out the day.  Billboards, media, inundation of screen time and the phone ringing off the hook can interfere with our natural response and organic connection to the simplicities of life. There are billions of us that have disconnected with the natural rhythm and movement of nature and many are hungry for change.  

As a personal measure I know that within our home, it is essential for me to make sacred down time for family dinner, a morning and evening walk with our dog and to limit my caffeine intake to a maximum of one cup of coffee day.  When I spin off rhythm with these essentials, I often feel out of balance and need to pull back and recenter.

Yoga and meditation are excellent tools to capture that sense of centering and de-stress all the systems of the body. Attending a weekly class 1-4 times week is wonderful if that can be done. Even more simply, try and embrace these key energetic principles I list below and consider creating a more vibrant life force at home, in solitude, in the office and the outside world. Consistency is key and we ‘get to be’ patient with ourselves through transforming and creating healthy patterns for our body, our home and our outward bearing gifts. This balance brings our strength forthright through all we set out to do.

3 Energetic Principles for the Office…

Enjoy these tips that can save you through out the work day.

Eucalyptus Steam Cloth ~ travel with a small bottle of quality eucalyptus oil and add 2-5 droplets onto a hot steam cloth. First rinse the cloth under hot water and wring out the excess water.  Add your droplets and squeeze the cloth while tumbling it in your hands. While the cloth is warm, place it behind your neck, face and and cleanse your hands and forearms. It will refresh and regenerate you rather quickly.  Ideal in the mornings and anytime you feel fatigue.  Be mindful of your eyes and move around them to avoid any stinging.

Forward Folds ~ Movement for the sedentary. If your body is seated for long periods of time, it’s essential to get the blood flow and circulation moving about.  The body is most familiar with 3 postures, sitting, standing and sleeping. Let’s get comfortable in other ones too. A simple forward fold is so healing and oxygenates the brain.  This simple posture will open up your back body and soften the face. Enjoy at least 11 long deep breaths here and rise back up gently and slowly. Try a forward fold every hour during your work day. 

Ceramic & Glass Dish Ware ~ Serve yourself some lunch or a beverage in a real glass or ceramic bowl. This not only saves you from ingesting the long list of toxic traces leaching from plastics, styrofoam and more but will grant you a luxurious real time effect to enjoying your lunch or meal. Somehow eating my meals out of my favorite clay bowls brings me a simple joy each time. It reminds me that life is not on the go during that nourishing meal. A perfect moment to let gratitude set in.

3 Energetic Principles for the Internal Home…

Soft Meditative Music ~  Turn down the noise and try substituting soft reiki music or one of my favorite stations, medicine flute radio, in exchange for television. Not an easy learning curve but it’s a sweet escape to caress the mind with inspiring music verses constant advertisements and often violent exchanges through word or actions often found on the screen.

Home Cooked Meals ~  Ask children to help prepare dinner (cutting mushrooms, peeling basil leaves off the vine or add a few kitchen spices into the stir fry).  Make simple herbal teas instead of sugary drinks that keep kids up late and spike their sugar levels. What goes up must come down and the ride can be emotional. Try peppermint leaf or holy basil tea with quality honey.

Warm Lighting ~ Spark a flame and light some candles. Turn on a vibrant orange salt lamp and purify your surroundings. Early to bed and early to rise. Catch the sunrise with a hot cup of tea. Let yourself truly enjoy being at home. Avoid bright fluorescent lights that act as liquid caffeine signaling to the body you have to be ‘ON’. Mood lighting is a sweet gift for your eyes and spirit especially when the clock turns 4p all the way until bedtime.  Progressively transition with your light source and dim your way to sleep.

Your Ideas?

I’d love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts on medicinal living with me. We are all divine threads that together create the dream weave of life. There is a Medicinal Healer and Medicine Kid in Us All.  Let’s Awaken This.

Looking for more? Reach out for a Natural Healing Consult to best address your personal concerns and needs. Together we explore prescriptions through nature and redefine Connectedness. Send me a message here! 

Love & Blessings, Your Medicine Mama…


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