Woman, An Endangered Species?

Hello Dear Woman ~ Medicine Woman,

This article may feel a bit wild and off topic of Medicine Kid but truly it is all so connected. You see, to best support the embrace of nature and see children thrive with the roots of beauty, health and immunity, I need to first connect with you, mother, mama, yogi, adult. A child needs our guidance and follows our lead.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We are their teachers.

My 5 year old son has inspired an awakening within me to build this platform in which to write, speak and share while encouraging the wisdom of ancients to come alive again through us. When the shamans and medicine men/ women of all cultures in our world pass on, their wisdom will die if not passed on. It’s like burning all the library riches and knowledge without first reading the treasures they hold within.

Now, we have come a long way with technology, yes? Perhaps too far in my mind. I see and feel the need to reconnect with humanity, how about you?  Yesterday I walked into a lovely green juice shop and there were about 11 people all seated quietly with their eyes locked to their devices.  No words, no eye contact, no hello.  It was so strange I felt the only thing I could do was to pull out my phone and join in.  We are all products of our environment and I too am guilty of overusing technology. So much so that I am inspired to fire up some conversations with you humans on how we can shift this reality and get reconnected. Perhaps its takes moving away from a big city, which I am working on – but what else can be done?

Recently I watched an amazing film called Ex Machina and it was so fascinating to understand the insane development of technology through this story that I was emotionally triggered for weeks after watching it. Just a movie? I don’t know. The reality is, within our lifetime we will most likely be sharing the planet with the artificial intelligence of ‘Woman’. For better or for worse, it is a daunting reality that led me to ask,

Am I An Endangered Species?

I wrote a letter or what felt like an enraged free write to purge my emotional fire as a means of catharsis and release.  I feel compelled to share it with you and would love to hear your thoughts.

My Letter…

Let me ask you woman of today… how does it feel to have artificial intelligence replace the sacred blood and flesh of the original Goddess? How do we feel women when technology replaces us? First its the GMO altered seed from its original form. We have already been accustomed to In-vitro fertilization to successfully see many women of today experience birth.   And now… an even bigger expression of artificial intelligence. This time its the kind that replaces or enhances the original version of … WOMAN.

Is a real live robot what we need to further serve our exhaustible needs? As if we haven’t destroyed enough already. Hungry for more. Is this noble or necessary? Come on Humanity! We roll our eyes at the incessant destruction of the materialistic lives we lead.  The fantastic plastic world we try to call home. We consume and consume. And now, alas…  the cherry on top! Are we that disconnected that we need to technologically redefine the essence of WOMAN? Not sure I can make it through this one humanity. I may need you. A new vista to ponder and I am desperate to know if you feel as I do? Broken and sad, confused and endangered. 

Mother Land…

Upon return from Africa in 2012, I brought back within my soul a new yet old understanding of life.  Primal Law. Wildlife and the animal kingdom are not influenced or changed by our sexuality, balance of feminine and masculine trends and ways we as a humanity function.  Nature just is. Sort of a foundation, a root structure or system that is ancient and yes primal. 

Fast forward a few years and we may just be considering sexual intercourse with a new entity, perhaps a relationship with a robot.  Personally, me I prefer a cave man / woman.  Grant me primal beauty, strength and power and I am fully satiated.

Perhaps my kind is becoming extinct?

When I look at the nature of life and struggle to find the real true seeds of agriculture,  I know the natural world is waning thin. Am I wrong to want preservation of whats left? Technology spins so fast that never mind digestion, most of us haven’t even had a chance to say, ask or present one another with questions of what humanity really is and where are we going as a human race.  Maybe not a decision to make based on curiosity and greed of the economic and scientific mind but rather it is the conscious community that needs to be heard or asked what we shall do with this good old gift of humanity anyway?

I understand that that our deep disconnect to nature has lead us to having to learn about our ‘new body’.  Physical body in turmoil.  Please, show me someone who is not struggling with internal inflammation? It is rare. More and more babies are born through technology, IVF and advanced technological processes. What is happening to our soil, our fertile body and our sentient connection to life?

This sense of disconnect I believe is the root cause of all auto immune diseases. I have one too. The body attacks itself because it senses unfamiliarity.  The further we go out, like a cell phone out of range, with genetically modified seed, environmental toxins and distancing our true self from nature… this is when our intrinsic body questions, where am I? Blinded in the dark wondering where home is. That sense of attack is based upon feeling lost, disconnected and unable to root. 

So yes, this brings me to our latest possibility, Artificial Intelligence. Sounds fun yes! We’ve created so much already what could be next? Just like the movies, where all media portrays a potential biotic role in our public eye to act out, try on or plants seeds of the technological future. These coat hooks insinuate where we are and where we are headed and exactly what we are seeing now. 

Oh, but technology is just so exciting and may offer us a plethora of unforeseen opportunities! Robotic childcare perhaps, because inundated screen time hasn’t weakened and rewired our authentic sense of focus and connection to real life scenarios. These technological advancements are something we may or may not need. My question to you woman is, are we just not enough of a Goddess to stand authentically powerful and present today… just as we are? Have we expired to what feels like an ultimate pornographic obsession available in full form? What is so wrong with our innate beauty that we need to create an artificial intelligence, female creation of an enhanced, more operative woman when we are right here in front of you…. Can you see me? I am primal and powerful. So are you.

Am I missing something?  Are we going to throw away more of the resources at hand, dismiss beauty as it stands from seed to creature? Have we arrived at the boredom of flesh, blood and bone that we need to handle an entity so foreign from our own heart? Is it that the pleasure and orgasmic play is so selfishly essential that we must hastily surpass the greatest gift that we know as life? We burn through resources, expend and destroy everything in our control. 

Are we that disconnected to love that we No longer need a beating heart?

No, not me.  I stand strong as a Goddess, Barefoot in the soil.  I ooze with lusciousness, my hips sway with the blood and wisdom of the ancients. My heart throbs with passion and thrives for peace. I grow, I shed, I birth, I cry I orgasm, I die. Try me. I promise you an earthly experience. I give you what may be the last taste of  the natural world.. the raw root of beauty. Enjoy me, time is fleeting. 

Should we chase what is far out of our reach or simply inhale what is right here in front of usI LOVE and Support YOU Woman of the Earth.  You are far greater than anyone has ever made you feel.

Thrive On and let your sisters know too.

With Primal Power, Your Medicine Mama…





Words of Wisdom…

“When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.”

~Chief Apumut

“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the
Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children.”

~Ancient Native American Proverb

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